A tiny man living inside a cat gets into a sticky love-triangle.

Stars the voices of acclaimed comedians Kevin Eldon, Josie Long and Isabel Fay. Funded by the UK Film Council and Screen WM. Distribution by Future Shorts, and set to show on MTV’s Liquid TV.

Best Comedy Short – London Short Film Festival (2012)
LoCo Discovery Award (Short) 2012 – London Comedy Film Festival (2012)
1st Prize – Independent Talent Award – Animated Exeter (2012)
Best Animation – Limelight Awards (2012)
Best Story – Multivision (2011)
Best Short Film Finalist – British Animation Awards (2012)
Public Choice Award Short Film Finalist – British Animation Awards (2012)

Official Selections include Edinburgh Int’l, Foyle, Animation Block Party, HollyShorts, Interfilm Berlin, Milano and Anima Mundi.

Director – Louis Hudson
Writers – Louis Hudson & Ian Ravenscroft
Producers – Louis Hudson & Jon Petrie
Sound & Music – Ben Walker
Animation – Louis Hudson, Jo Hepworth, Rachel Thorn, Loukia Kyriakidou,Matthew Waruszynski, Robert Brown, Barbara Benas, Jenny Lewis, Ron Warmington, Adam Watts, Dwayne Harris
Animation Clean Up – Denise Dean, Simon Cartwright, Nuria Gonzalez Blanco,Daniel Underdown, Chris Colman, Tegan Jephcott
Digital Colouring – Denise Dean, Ben Lynch, Matt Sandbrook, Samantha Boggild, Mark Skinner, Andy Macpherson, Chris Stokes, Tim Lozinski, Lauren Newman, Patrick Mallon, Lianne Allen, David Thomas, Paul Berner, Natasha Williams
Rotoscope Actress - Amy Commander

Kevin Eldon – Yorkie
Josie Long – Susan
Isabel Fay – Michelle
Jon Petrie – Cat

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